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Interactive programming is where the world is enlightened with an augmented reality show. With a touch on the screen the LED lights up the digital board with active animation! It is a programme where a humans touch interacts with the meticulous execution, combining both to do something bigger and greater. Interactive installations gives one a control over fast moving technology. An experience that is accessible to every age of life, as it can be lived through gestures and sensory motions. Truly, this is where the world meets its better future.





Our Projects

FEWA Interactive Model - Wetex 2022 (Expo 2020 Dubai)

This project was to demonstrate the desalination process of sea water using the plant which is being built in the UAE. We provided them with a large base of 2x3 meters with LED fitted on it supported by a 23” Touch Screen.

The project was interactive as once the user touches a process, an animation would trigger on the big screen demonstrating the process in detail.

Project Duration: 2 Weeks

INTRA Defense - World Defense Show 2022 - Riyadh

This project was to demonstrate the defense capability of the Saudi border and how this company's defense equipment plays a role to protect the borders. This was shown using a 3 screen connected display where there was a 2x3 mtr LED screen + a 6 x 6 mtr screen and a 24 Inch touch screen. The touch screen was running an application built which triggered an animation of the process on the LED screen 1 and at the same time the animation was explained with a video on the bigger LED screen. 

Project Duration: 3 Weeks

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